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Jun 6, 2008

Money for Disney Vacations

Sheesh you would think I got lost, stuck in the haunted house, moved into the castle, or walked to Disneyland from Seattle by looking at my last post ... smiles. Actually most likely wouldn't pass up the chance to walk to Disneyland from here. Bigger Smiles. Wouldn't take much longer then the train we are taking there next week ... details to follow on that trip after June 22nd when we return.

Well moving on and posting again since it has been a while, yesterday we recieved our rewards card to use on our trip coming up in a week. This is a wonderful way to earn money from money you spend anway for free stuff from Disney. We accumilated over $500 to use on this trip from using our card from everyday purchases as small as the $2 ice cream sunday to the paying for your actual Disney vacation itself with the Visa card. yes even the trip earns you rewards since I paid for the trip back in Feb. with the card we got the rewards for the $3000 placed on the card back then.

The rewards will come in handy we plan to use them to eat and get the suviniers with it durring our trip. They can also be used to pay for Disney rooms, Disney items, and pretty much any Disney related expenses you have down there while visiting. Plus being a card member you get even other special features and offers not available to none card holders. For example this trip because of the package I got from the membership offer I not only got the great deal, extra $500 to spend from allour charges, and ahve a super duper awesome card, but we also got prefered seating at the peraid, cool backpacks and a few more neat gifts too.

OH! and before I forget having the card is so cool everytime you use it to buy something it always starts a cool Disney conversation with the teller.

NNOW DON"T GET ME WRONG! i am not encouraging you to go into debt trust me been there done that got the T-shirt and would never suggest that on anyone. Getting out of debt stinks and no one should have to make that climb. Plus leaving a balence on this card also stinks with its generally high interest rates. But paying off the balence each month and using it rather then cash for what you are going to buy anyway will earn you Disney dollars free to you and get your Disney vacations faster or in our case better then with out it. Audomatic is the perfect way to go. Especially if you set up things like your utilities, morgage, and other monthly expenses ont a Disney rewards card and at the same time set up the audomatic payments to the card to pay the balence to 0 each month you can earn dollars audomaticly month in month out for your next Disney Vacation.

Simply Google Disney Visa and you will find all sorts of places offering the card or contact your current card provider and ask them if they have one for you.

Expect MIracles...


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