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Feb 29, 2008

An Extra Day With Disney

Since we are granted an extra day today with it being a leap year I felt I should blog on it ... smiles. Extra days are always great if you ask me. Especially when it comes to more days at any of the Disney Parks.

There are a veriety of ways to get them too some times even free like now with the current special running with select vacation packages when you purchase 3 nights and 3 days in the parks you get a forth night of hotel free and 2 free days in the parks. Now how cool is that? Even better then an extra day in a leap year if you ask me.

Of course there are other ways too. Keep in mind as well each time you add on another day to your ticket pass the price per day lowers. By the time you reach 5, 6, and 7 day passes things get really exciting since your per day cost drops a lot.

Considering an extra day to play in Disney is a whole lot cheeper then buying passes for a different park or event for the day. Especially as you reach those days past 3 and 4.

Another tip I will share with you is for WDW specifically ... for those of you like us who know you will definently return consider a 10 day pass with no experations take 5 days for example now with this trip and then use the other 5 on a different trip in the future. This will cut your per day cost a lot plus get you that much closer to the next trip before you even get to this one ... grin.

So extra days all arround are good and remember to get them when you can!

Feb 22, 2008

Moving Along Well

Well if you have been here before you have noticed a lot of new changes ... plus although I loved the other look so much I made changes to the look to so that I will be able to meet the copyright laws of Disney. Let me tell you they sure do protect themselves ... smiles.

So in the mean time as I wrap things up here is a great video I found. Did you know that places like Walt Disney World Park have kenles where you can bring your best friend along and spend time with him while at the park? Well they do and here is more on vacations with mans best friend...

Feb 15, 2008

Getting a Disney Education

Well back to school I go and here I thought when I left college I would never look back .. . smiles. This time though it is online and at my own time with the online schooling only Disney can provide... witch we all know will be a cake walk for me right?? Ya Ya I hear you LOL!

Anyhow I made this decision to make my suggestions and ideas even more effective for all my readers. Not only will I have my own personal experiences and those of my friends and family I now will have formal training to help you with any of your Disney Travels or questions on Disney locations world wide.

Some of you saw my post on YTB witch I ran into while searching forg great rates on my next trip to Disneyland in June. After joining YTB for free as a REP and diging around in their back office for a bit I got very very excited when I saw I could become Disney Certified and help others enjoy my pal Mickey even more. You see I started this blog because many people tend to ask me questions as they are setting up trips to Disney I can help. Well after playing in the back office and finding out about the Disney education I decided to register as a YTB Travel Agent from home and become an official Disney Consultent for real.

So keep an eye on this blog and my 2 new sites...

*coming soon*

Watch for exciting new additions, better Disney pricing and deals, inhanced Disney post and even more personalized travel help here on Disney Travel help.

For those of you who wish to be one of my first full fledge Disney clients and allow me to work with you and your family on your Disney trip directly I would be more then eager to do all I can to help and to make your travel plans that much more Magical. Just contact me via skype or email and we can get things started. I even have a handy dandy search area just for Disney Travel now just think how helpful that one tool will be for all of us to keep on top of specials and new Disney attractions.

Expect Miracles...

Feb 13, 2008

Own a Disney Hotel?

Just for fun ... but how cool would it be to travel to your own Disney hotel when ever you wish since you are the owner? Super Cool if you ask me. Take a look over at one of my favorite blogs ... here.

Now I will have to apoligize because since owning my own Disney hotel would help me help so many who wish to take vacations with Mickey that this one has my name all over it ... smiles ... but the next one on the market I am sure you can grab. LOL

Have a FUN and Prosperous Day!

Pal Mickey for FL Vacations

I am going to answer the question you have with a great big

Now the next anser to the question you are now asking is ... YES you do want to get a Pal Mickey while visiting Walt Disney World. Search for Pal Mickey and you can get the details on what and how he works. Like many yes I felt the price was a bit much however after getting him ... hint eBay is great, smiles ... I was more then glad I did. He kept my kids and I entertained, really shared all sorts of useful things even I didn't know yet, and kept us informed on things going on where we were that day. So again YES when you travel to Walt Disney World on your next vacation, or really all vacations at W.D.W. you bring your Pal along. As you can see I had my Pal clipped to the string of my backpack everywhere we went even the plain - Grin.

Please do feel free to share your thoughts in the comments once you return from playing with your Pal Mickey or like me if you have already and feel others should too. Any questions of course are also more then welcome.

Expect Miracles...

Feb 11, 2008

Away From The Beach

As we move away from the beach today and think travel on water a lot of people have cruising on mind this time of year. For a good reason too many of the popular cruises do fill up and become fully booked way in advance.

Some things to think about though when considering to cruise or not to cruise...

  • What fun are you after on this Disney trip? Rides? Shows?

  • Do you want to know the total cost before you go?

  • What sites do you wish to see?

  • Who is going and how old are they?

  • Have you been to Magic Kingdom already and are you looking for different Disney Magic?

  • Of course there are more but asking these type of questions can assist you on determining weather or not a Disney Cruise is what you are loooking for on this vacation.

    Some of my personal thoughts for a Disney Cruise are that they can make a Disney vacation easy. You know the total cost right up front since all food and such is included, done right no rental car headaches, no waiting in long ride lines, still ahve the opportunity to see Disney shows and magic, etc. The all inclusive aspect for many is the most desirable part of a Disney Cruise. Now if you have not been to any other Disney attraction then personally I feel you should do that first. Especially with little kids I feel a cruise even with all the fun it provides still lacks soemthing for a first timer. Something about the Magic Kingdom just can not be duplicated on a boat although Disney sure does spread the magic on board al their cruises and you definently get an experience.

    A Disney Cruise provides yet another avinue for dreams to come true and everyone should take a cruise so perhaps this season is your turn. Visit the official Disney Cruise site for more information to further assist you on this decision.

    Feb 8, 2008

    Disney and the Beach

    I am going to wait a bit before I share my answer about the picture of the beach to give others time to share what they feel is the answer.

    Sticking with the beach theme though I wanted to clear the air some ... smiles ... yes fresh salty beach air is very refreshing for many people. What a lot don't realize though when they go on a Disney travel vacation that adding in a day at the beach can do wonders for your travel plans. Yes even away from the Disney cruises you can hit the beach while visiting Magic Kingdom.

    The pic to the right shows my girls and I at Daytona Beach FL. What was nice for us with a rental car or your own transportation the beach is not that far away. Plus it breaks up all the busy fun at Disney and allows for a different change of surroundings for a day. Plus it can help cut the cost of the trip if you already have the car anyway or your own car, especially if you do a picnic at the beach for a meal or 2. Disney in Ca is the same you can drive to the beach and back for the day real easy and break things up a bit. You can also start or finish a awesome Disney trip with a visit to the beach too.

    This way not just the Disney Cruises get you to the beach. This is quite exciting for those who never get to see the ocean who live in other parts of the world where the ocean is out of reach most days.

    So Consider a day at the beach next time you take a Disney Vacation.

    Feb 7, 2008

    Question for YOU

    What is wrong with this Picture?
    Please comment with your answers.

    Feb 6, 2008

    Lets Start off with a BANG!

    Ok here we go and no better way to get things going then with a HUGE sweepstakes that Disney is currently putting on for the month of Feb. 2008. We all have dreams of all sizes and I am sure that a free vacation payed for from Disney would fit right on in to such dreams.

    Now I will appoligize that you won't be getting the grand prize since that one is for me ... smiles. The other 4 though you have a great chance to win and I encourage you to go enter the Disney Sweepstakes NOW!!!

    Be sure to enter daily as they suggest for the most chances to win. If you wish for a more guaranteed free vacation you can claim a quick get away at with no strings thanks to their advertisers paying for your free travel destination of your choice.

    Keep the DREAMS ALIVE!!!!!

    Feb 4, 2008

    Alrighty The Disney Travel Help Blog is ready

    Ok there are still a few things I wish to do on this blog ... and let me tell you this was my first experience with XML instead of HTML ... oh gosh was it FUN!

    Now funny enough living in the Seattle area I know more about Orlando and going to FL Disney then CA Disney but this Junes trip to Disneyland will change that and refresh what I know since it has been a few years. Together with other people I know and find online I know this blog will provide YOU the reader with lots of helpful Disney travel help and tips. Along with tricks to save time, energy, money and what ever else I see fit.

    Please do consider contacting me for any reason along with all suggestions and questions are welcome in the comment section of this blog.

    I also have a Personal Development Travel blog too to blend in with your Disney trip and come back renewed, refreshed, and ready for what the world has to offer you or for those additional travel plans you have out side of Disney ... like anyone would consider going anywhere else ... smiles.

    Expect Miracles...


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