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Feb 13, 2008

Pal Mickey for FL Vacations

I am going to answer the question you have with a great big

Now the next anser to the question you are now asking is ... YES you do want to get a Pal Mickey while visiting Walt Disney World. Search for Pal Mickey and you can get the details on what and how he works. Like many yes I felt the price was a bit much however after getting him ... hint eBay is great, smiles ... I was more then glad I did. He kept my kids and I entertained, really shared all sorts of useful things even I didn't know yet, and kept us informed on things going on where we were that day. So again YES when you travel to Walt Disney World on your next vacation, or really all vacations at W.D.W. you bring your Pal along. As you can see I had my Pal clipped to the string of my backpack everywhere we went even the plain - Grin.

Please do feel free to share your thoughts in the comments once you return from playing with your Pal Mickey or like me if you have already and feel others should too. Any questions of course are also more then welcome.

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