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Feb 11, 2008

Away From The Beach

As we move away from the beach today and think travel on water a lot of people have cruising on mind this time of year. For a good reason too many of the popular cruises do fill up and become fully booked way in advance.

Some things to think about though when considering to cruise or not to cruise...

  • What fun are you after on this Disney trip? Rides? Shows?

  • Do you want to know the total cost before you go?

  • What sites do you wish to see?

  • Who is going and how old are they?

  • Have you been to Magic Kingdom already and are you looking for different Disney Magic?

  • Of course there are more but asking these type of questions can assist you on determining weather or not a Disney Cruise is what you are loooking for on this vacation.

    Some of my personal thoughts for a Disney Cruise are that they can make a Disney vacation easy. You know the total cost right up front since all food and such is included, done right no rental car headaches, no waiting in long ride lines, still ahve the opportunity to see Disney shows and magic, etc. The all inclusive aspect for many is the most desirable part of a Disney Cruise. Now if you have not been to any other Disney attraction then personally I feel you should do that first. Especially with little kids I feel a cruise even with all the fun it provides still lacks soemthing for a first timer. Something about the Magic Kingdom just can not be duplicated on a boat although Disney sure does spread the magic on board al their cruises and you definently get an experience.

    A Disney Cruise provides yet another avinue for dreams to come true and everyone should take a cruise so perhaps this season is your turn. Visit the official Disney Cruise site for more information to further assist you on this decision.

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