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Feb 8, 2008

Disney and the Beach

I am going to wait a bit before I share my answer about the picture of the beach to give others time to share what they feel is the answer.

Sticking with the beach theme though I wanted to clear the air some ... smiles ... yes fresh salty beach air is very refreshing for many people. What a lot don't realize though when they go on a Disney travel vacation that adding in a day at the beach can do wonders for your travel plans. Yes even away from the Disney cruises you can hit the beach while visiting Magic Kingdom.

The pic to the right shows my girls and I at Daytona Beach FL. What was nice for us with a rental car or your own transportation the beach is not that far away. Plus it breaks up all the busy fun at Disney and allows for a different change of surroundings for a day. Plus it can help cut the cost of the trip if you already have the car anyway or your own car, especially if you do a picnic at the beach for a meal or 2. Disney in Ca is the same you can drive to the beach and back for the day real easy and break things up a bit. You can also start or finish a awesome Disney trip with a visit to the beach too.

This way not just the Disney Cruises get you to the beach. This is quite exciting for those who never get to see the ocean who live in other parts of the world where the ocean is out of reach most days.

So Consider a day at the beach next time you take a Disney Vacation.

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