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Feb 4, 2008

Alrighty The Disney Travel Help Blog is ready

Ok there are still a few things I wish to do on this blog ... and let me tell you this was my first experience with XML instead of HTML ... oh gosh was it FUN!

Now funny enough living in the Seattle area I know more about Orlando and going to FL Disney then CA Disney but this Junes trip to Disneyland will change that and refresh what I know since it has been a few years. Together with other people I know and find online I know this blog will provide YOU the reader with lots of helpful Disney travel help and tips. Along with tricks to save time, energy, money and what ever else I see fit.

Please do consider contacting me for any reason along with all suggestions and questions are welcome in the comment section of this blog.

I also have a Personal Development Travel blog too to blend in with your Disney trip and come back renewed, refreshed, and ready for what the world has to offer you or for those additional travel plans you have out side of Disney ... like anyone would consider going anywhere else ... smiles.

Expect Miracles...

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