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Feb 15, 2008

Getting a Disney Education

Well back to school I go and here I thought when I left college I would never look back .. . smiles. This time though it is online and at my own time with the online schooling only Disney can provide... witch we all know will be a cake walk for me right?? Ya Ya I hear you LOL!

Anyhow I made this decision to make my suggestions and ideas even more effective for all my readers. Not only will I have my own personal experiences and those of my friends and family I now will have formal training to help you with any of your Disney Travels or questions on Disney locations world wide.

Some of you saw my post on YTB witch I ran into while searching forg great rates on my next trip to Disneyland in June. After joining YTB for free as a REP and diging around in their back office for a bit I got very very excited when I saw I could become Disney Certified and help others enjoy my pal Mickey even more. You see I started this blog because many people tend to ask me questions as they are setting up trips to Disney I can help. Well after playing in the back office and finding out about the Disney education I decided to register as a YTB Travel Agent from home and become an official Disney Consultent for real.

So keep an eye on this blog and my 2 new sites...

*coming soon*

Watch for exciting new additions, better Disney pricing and deals, inhanced Disney post and even more personalized travel help here on Disney Travel help.

For those of you who wish to be one of my first full fledge Disney clients and allow me to work with you and your family on your Disney trip directly I would be more then eager to do all I can to help and to make your travel plans that much more Magical. Just contact me via skype or email and we can get things started. I even have a handy dandy search area just for Disney Travel now just think how helpful that one tool will be for all of us to keep on top of specials and new Disney attractions.

Expect Miracles...

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