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Mar 26, 2008

Free Disney Vacations

Free Disney vacations keeps popping up all arround me these days so it is a sign I am to blog on it. Now don't get me wrong or think that is impossible to get a free Disney vacation. In fact it is quite real in many ways.

Most fully free Disney vacations are for promotional reasons and covered by some advertiser or a group of advertisers. You will here them on the radio ... for example right now STAR 101.5 in the Seattle area has been playing the comercial that next week March 31st they start giveing away trips for 4 to Disneyland Parks. So calling in when it is time and being the correct caller gets you entered into a hat. This particular promotion gives away several fully paid for family Disney vacations.

Another comercial I have heard lately is for your choice of 2 family vacations one being a trip for 8 fully covered to Walt Disney World. So yes full Disney vacations free is possible .. I will say though chances are slim and youw ill ahve to work at winning. Sure is super FUN though when you do win a free Disney vacation.

Free Disney vacations though you can get your hands on more retally or easier is parts of the travel plans rather then the whole thing. For example a friend of mine in OH got free Disney hotel for his family of 5 covered thus giving them an amazing suprise Disney spring break. Or like some hotels will give you buy one get one free tickets for staying at their hotel. Some sites like my Free Family Vacations site offer a free vacation and many times you wil find a Disny lacation as one of your choices.

Disney too likes to toss in free stuff. Another thing I heard this week is the kids fly free is back for the summer vacations now. Disney also likes to toss in free stuff when you purchase packages from them. Our package for example gave us some free backpacks, suitcase tags, special seeting at events in the parks and a few other great things free for getting the package we chose.

Free Disney vacations do exist and are as real as Tink so keep your eyes and ears open for the whole or part of your next Disney vacation free.

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