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Apr 11, 2008

Disney Vacations Travel Insurance

I find I am one who takes a risk and saves the measly 100 bucks by not getting travel insurance when going on Disney Vacations. Or any of my travel for that matter. Along with when I ask others as I am assisting them with their Disney vacations and other travel plans. I am sure my own decisions influence this a lot.

So is travel insurance for your vacations a good idea? I personaly am torn here in one hand a great idea and gives you piece of mind. Plus as you see things like this week going on where literally 500 - 1000 flights each day for the last 3 days straight just from one airline are completely canceled and leaving vacation and business travelers stuck with no flight in sight. So yes travel insurance for all of these people is definently a good idea.

Now that I just read this Presented by Peter Greenberg, his top 10 reasons to get travel insurance open my eyes some more and pointed out to me all of those top 10 are reasons that are out of my control like the flights menchined above.

So to save the extra 100 bucks or not to save??? That is the question. Feel free to comment and let us know your thoughts on this issue. Perhaps like me in the past you found it not needed, but as things move on you think now a days it is a very good idea indeed?

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